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   Classes and Workshops

A calendar of workshop and independent studio times is provided in "Calendar".  The introductory workshops include instruction in: contemporary relief and intaglio printmaking, mixed media on paper and fiber, wet felting, laminating wool on silk, leather surface design, sculptural leather, and book covering in leather.
Printmaking Mixed Media

Relief printmaking using the etching press with linoleum, woodblock,  copper plate, or acrylic medium plate. Photo etching onto paper and fiber surfaces such as silk, wool felt, leather.will be covered.  Both water and oil based inks will be available.

Fiber /Felting

​Wet felting techniques, nuno felting        (laminating wool on silk), experimenting and printing on hand made felt, incorporating stitching, thermo-fax machine made images, 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional outcomes.

​​Leather surface design

 Use of leather instead of  canvas. Printing on leather, image transfer, painting, dyeing, creating texture and relief printing on leather. Leather book covers, boxes, 2d and 3d sculptural art. 

Wet Felting 101

Wet Felting beginners class. Students will learn how by starting from merino wool rowing to end up with unique piece of felted art.  Very  informative, hands -on, one 3 hours class is designed to teach wet felting , Nuno 
( laminating wool on silk) and other felting techniques. One 2D sample will be completed.
Prerequisite for taking any Wet felting or Nuno Felting Project Workshop.


 Introductory 3 hours class.

 $ 95.00 including all materials.


Accessories of Leather/ Make it and Wear it

 This is a 3 workshop combo . Each 3 hours long. On the first day students will learn what is leather all about, how it as an ammazing  material  works in different projects and objects. People will make a simple flower pin of 3 different  lears. Second workshop is dedicated for a deeper understanding and hands on piece, which requare more precise cutting, shaving, shaping. After all students will be able to finish a very own flower pin "Zinija". The third 3 hours workshop will be advanced accessory making time. Students will combine felt,leather,beads,ect. and accomplish one piece: necklace or bracelet ( or both). 

$75.00 per person and all supplies included.

For groups of 4 people 

Pick your dates.


Accessories of Felt/ M&W

Two workshops in wet felting technique. 5 hours each. During an intermediate  workshop MAKE IT and WEAR IT  students will learn how to make a high impact textural scarf of merino wool and silk organza . The same technique two entirely different looks. It will be informative and productive time pass for you and your friend(s) . During the workshop hours you will be able to learn about laminating wool on silk and make one of a kind, very special art piece to wear.






Accessories in Leather and other Materials/ M&W

An evening workshop MAKE IT and WEAR IT   in leather medium. It will be informative and productive time pass for you and your friend(s) . During the workshop hours you will be able to learn about leather medium you will be working with and make one of a kind, very special art pieces to yourself.


$85.00  supplies included

Printmaking/Photo etching with solar plates

Reuse your immage in the new piece of art. Tell your story. Learn technique and experimet with it as a part of the mixed medium or make it an individual contemporary intaglio print as well as multiples. 



$195.00 supplies included except etching paper( bring your own)

Slippers / Purse: make it own

3D wet felting: slippers with a twist ( 6 hours, one day workshop) 

Students will learn how to make 3D objects.

This is high impact workshop.

Who enjoyed making slippers next project -Purse! The same technique, different outcome. 




Supply list will be emailed .

Group of 4 students 10% off.

Abstract Oil Painting


Oil painting methods, color theory, composition. No painting experiance needed.



Small groups. Private lessons available.

5 weeks. 3 hours sessions.

Some supplies included 


Leather Surface Design 101

Learn how to use and work on leather surface. Beginners class.




All materials included

3 hours


Explorations in Color

Color theory for students who would like to gain knowlwdge about color hues, saturation, grey scale, creating your own color language. Also line, composition and texture for paintings will be explored. Sesion of 5 classes . 



Oil paint and canvas will be provided.

Airy- Fairy scarf

Airy-Fairy scarf: tectured wool without a silk.5 hours, one day  fun workshop 11:00-5:00pm . Intermediate to advenced class. Students will learn and make a one of a kind scarf for every day use and to brag about it.  



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